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Empire Distillery T&W V6 Luxury Vodka

A vodka that is six times distilled? Aaaah, life gets better and better for the American drinker.

This 80 proof vodka is made from rye in copper pots. (Most vodkas are made in patent stills, which remove nearly all their flavors.) EMPIRE V6 won a Gold Medal at the 2006, 2007, and 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competitions,and the very discerning Christopher Carlsson of gave it a sky-high rating.

The St. Petersburg Times published an interesting story on EMPIRE DISTILLERY back in 2007 that is an interesting read on the company and the challenges of micro-distilling.

EMPIRE DISTILLERY V6 LUXURY VODKA is exceedingly good. It is the only vodka that I know of that actually tastes better and better as it warms from bone cold to room temperature. Many, if not most, vodkas taste best bone cold, and as they warm, they get gassy and less pleasant. Not so this vodka, it actually seems to bloom as it warms. V6 is fragrant with rye, very soft in the mouth, and utterly unique. A vodka for the true aficionado. PERFECT RATING (Rating *****)

For further details, contact EMPIRE DISTILLERY in Port Ritchey, Florida. To see if our retailer can get you a bottle, click here.


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