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Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old Blended Whisky

Our memories of Canadian whisky are hazy and weird. We recall the 1970s and folks quaffing 7-7’s (SEAGRAM 7 and 7-up)…  We also have lucid recollections of ads in men’s magazines (like Playboy) depicting Canadian whisky as the choice of the suave cosmopolitan American man.  Of course, even the whole Hugh Hefner pseudo-sophisticate male ideal was used to peddle lots of stuff, like chew tobacco, stereoes, sports cars, and more.

Perhaps this popular association of Canadian whisky with a previous era is the reason that the unsettling 1998 film, Affliction, had the bullying, alcoholic father (played by James Coburn) downing bottles of Canadian Club. To their credit, CC, as Canadian Club is often called, currently has an ad campaign boasting “Damn right your father drank it.”

Anyhoo, Canadian Club has been about for 150 years or so, and for reasons utterly unclear to us, one tends to see the stuff on the lower shelves at bars in the United States. While it has been many moons since we tasted the full line of Canadian Club whiskies, we can tell you that this particular bottle belongs in clear view of the consumer. Classic 12 Year is a very tasty whisky. It is 80 proof, and experienced tipplers will enjoy this super smooth whisky neat. The novice whiskey drinker will enjoy Canadian Club Classic 12 Year on ice, as it is a little sweet and shows fruity-berry notes. (Rating ****)

You can read a little about this whisky at Those who would like to buy a bottle, can check with our retailer.


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