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Gracious, how long ago did we first try this beer — 15 years? It might have been just that; we have hazy recollections of being in a bar on Bleeker Street in New York City and knocking back pints of it…

Well, suffice to say that we were pleased to see six-pack of this beer come over the transom. NEW CASTLE BROWN is a very enjoyable beer; don’t let the brown color throw you off, it isn’t a BIG BEER. No, no, NEWCASTLE is an easy sip. It is a little sweet and shows a nutty flavor; it is lean-bodied and verges on effervescence. Like many old style English beers, NEWCASTLE BROWN isn’t malty or hoppy; it sports a very thin and fast-passing head. This strikes us as an excellent beer to have with mild cheeses, pizza, and burgers… And mashed potatoes and minty peas. We quite like it, and we also found it difficult to have just one bottle of NEWCASTLE BROWN. (Rating ****)

You can read about this brew at To see if our retailer can sell you NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE, click here.


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