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Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

Jeffersons Bourbon WhiskeyA few months back, we reviewed the standard Jefferson’s Bourbon. We enjoyed it. This pricier version of it, though, is much better. It’s 90.2 proof, deeper in color, and much more robust in flavor.

The bottle declares the contents both “very old” and “very small batch.” When I queried Castle Brands about this, I was told, “The very small batch bourbon that comprises Jefferson’s Reserve is aged 12-17 years. In making small batch bourbons, 200-300 barrels are married. In making our ‘very small batch’ bourbons, only 8-12 barrels are married for each bottling.”

It’s potent stuff — t’is best to cut it with a little water, which helps release notes of vanilla, apricot, vanilla, oak, and more. (Rating ****)

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