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Bluecoat American Dry Gin

What a beautiful blue bottle—very classy. This new gin is made by Philadelphia Distilling. In its short life, Bluecoat has garnered some nice reviews.

Understandably- this is a very tasty gin. The nose is beautiful, it reminded us of an orange or tangerine just peeled. In the mouth it’s astonishingly smooth for a 94 proof gin. As a case in contrast, sip it then taste an old favorite of ours, Beefeater gin. They are the same proof, but Beefeater booms with juniper and crackles in the mouth.

Not so Bluecoat gin, which begins fruity then finishes gently.  A remarkably easy gin, one you can sip straight. Impressive, and very well priced at $24-$30 retail. (Rating ****3/4)

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