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Regalia Vodka

AIKO LLC, a company in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, has an interesting portfolio of imported beers, spirits, and wines, which you can peek at here.

Among them is a terrific vodka from Russia. REGALIA, AIKO LLC declares, “is produced by the state-controlled (read: strict adherence to the highest standards of quality) distillery of Yaroslavl, an ancient city located in close proximity of Moscow.” Well, we’re not so sure that “state owned” necessitates “good,” but in this case, it has.

This vodka is superb. It is astonishingly smooth. It is nearly tasteless, so those who adore KETEL ONE will really dig this vodka. The packaging of this vodka is quite expressive, bordering on the baroque (See the crown/orb like bottle here.) Superb. (Rating****3/4)

To see if our retailer can send you REGALIA VODKA, click SHOP and type “REGALIA” in the search engine and click the magnifying glass. Otherwise, surf to


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